You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. 

Jon Kabat – Zinn


Would you like to be living life with more Vitality and Purpose?

Are you ready to bring greater Happiness, Confidence, Hope and Acceptance into Your Life?

Living with Purpose & Vitality

Hi, I’m Tracy Mellors, an allied health professional in private practice in Maleny, Caloundra, Gympie and available via skype and/or telephone to areas within Australia and internationally.

If you are feeling that life is lacking some vitality and purpose, or you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed by certain aspects of your life, you may benefit from our time together.  I am degree qualified, registered and passionate about services I offer including:

*counselling     *coaching     *NDIS support     * hypnotherapy    *training sessions   *classes and workshops

We are all unique and the services I offer are all about this uniqueness: our time together is tailored to your style and your needs.  An example: If you enjoy attending classes or small workshops you will benefit from my Mindfulness for Mental Health & Wellness classes, however, I also offer this same valuable content to you one-on-one if this style is a better fit for your unique preference.

I enjoy developing and facilitating high quality and engaging training tailored to your workplace, health centre, or club taking into consideration its culture and requirements.

The evidence based allied health practices I offer are all in the service of you becoming the person you want to be, the person you know you are beneath the stress and worry.  I am excited to work with you in finding and reconnecting with this person- the person you know you are and want to be!

I am interested in you living a life full of vitality and purpose.

Psychological health & fitness, together with functional physical health are integral to living life with vitality and purpose.  Functional health takes into consideration any issue we may have and explores workable options towards functioning in ways that are in line with our values; the things really important to us.

More and more we are realising that our psychological health and physical health are inseparable components of a healthy satisfying life; a life full of vitality and purpose.

Our work together will be focused on compassionately reconnecting you to the person you want to be. Rediscovering that part of you that may seem a little distant right now.
We will work together toward you living this life with vitality and purpose.

Private health funds may offer rebates for certain services.
Services may be covered by NDIS.
Call me for appointment bookings and enquiries on 0407 499 846

Video Courtesy of UK Psychologist Rob Archer


Are you trying to create a satisfying relationship with yourself but feeling lonely and unfulfilled?  Is your life being hijacked by depression, anxiety, fear of failure, poor body image, or a lack of confidence and motivation?  Are you confused about work, study or personal commitments? Do you feel that finding healthy relationships is a challenge, or perhaps you are wanting to improve a relationship in your life, but finding the road painful and bumpy?


Are you, or someone you care about experiencing the symptoms of trauma? Trauma can be different things for different people! Signs and symptoms can be in the form of an inability to concentrate, nightmares, flashbacks, the inability to feel safe, difficulty in maintaining healthy relationships, work and study.commitments.  Do you feel like your life has been shattered?


 Are you feeling like you are out of sorts but don’t really know why? Or perhaps you know exactly why!  Has a life event or change shattered the pieces and life is not making sense right now? Life transitions of any kind can be challenging and stressful. They can bring up a range of intense and conflicted emotion. Have you found stress, or fear of the unknown robbing your happiness?


Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Corporate Training
Tracy Mellors
Masters Social Work (PQ)
BASocSci (Counselling) DipHypnosis

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