The relationship you have with your counsellor is a professional relationship with the sole purpose of focusing on you and your thoughts and feelings about your situation. I have over a decade of experience using a range of psychological approaches, which allows me to offer therapy that is individually structured for you; your hopes and valued outcomes.

Our  initial conversation will not only make you relaxed and familiar, it also allows us to get clear on your personal goals and expectations so that together, we can work to achieve your goals as quickly, easily and affordably as possible.

Life need not be just about surviving…. Life is about Thriving.

Sure, Life is definitely about allowing time to acknowledge and explore what is challenging us, perhaps we have suffered loss; a loved one, a dream, a success achieved leaving a hole in our day/life. Perhaps a gap between what we thought something/someone would be like and the reality of ‘what is’. Dr Russ Harris, author of The Happiness Trap and The Reality Slap refers to the ‘reality gap’, as being where grief sits – the bigger the gap between what we had hoped and the reality of ‘what is’, the deeper the experience of grief we may experience. You can read an excerpt from his paper here.

Life is about experiencing ‘the gap’ and it is also about compassionately and with curiosity finding the richness, the ‘learning’ in the experience and taking from it what we will… step by step, often Baby step by Baby step moving toward what is deeply important to us, creating a NEW NORMAL, a life full of the richness of those qualities we find individually and uniquely important –

What brings us vitality & purpose.

In the face of adversity how do you most want to behave?  What do you want to stand for?  How would a respected loved-one or mentor (present or passed) most want you to behave?    Counselling can help.

Your Wellness Matters and I provide quality and evidenced support to individuals, couples, and workplaces utilising a wealth of counselling skills and strategies and life affirming practices.

My practice style is client centred and focuses on evidence based therapies of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Recovery Orientated Mental Health, Neurolinguistic Programming NLP, Expressive therapies such as art, sandplay and Somatic therapy body movement. I use a strength’s based approach underpinned by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training ACT.

ACT is a behavior therapy that has proven effective in the treatment of myriad issues and supports psychological flexibility to respond to life experiences in personally meaningful ways.  Respond -v- React.  ACT is beneficial to individuals, couples, families, groups, sports teams and workplaces.

“Acceptance and commitment therapy was designed as a simple, yet powerful, set of trans-diagnostic processes that have broad applicability to a range of life difficulties including those that do not fit into neat diagnostic categories. “

(The RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners) represents over 21,500 members including more than 19,300 GPs in Australia. We research, lobby and advocate on issues that influence GPs and their practice teams)

I have studied and practiced both in Australia and overseas and continually update my professional knowledge and experience to ensure the best evidence based approach to working with you toward your desired goals.

Counselling is offered face to face at three locations: Maleny, Caloundra and Gympie.   Home/Hospital/Workplace appointments are available where it is considered the appropriate option.


Appointments are available and are a popular option for remote and overseas clients.  There are a variety of times when it is not workable or convenient to attend counselling sessions face-to-face.  There are many reason why telephone/skype appointment may work best for you, for example:

  • The role of Carer for a loved one can make it difficult, particularly if respite care is not available
  • An Expat living overseas and wanting to connect with support that speaks your language & is culturally familiar
  • Experiencing acute grief and loss, unable to leave house
  • Having children at home who need supervision – You need support but childcare not available
  • Transport issues
  • A medical condition makes leaving home challenging
  • Living in a location, or situation which makes telephone/skype counselling the better option
  • Not being able to leave work in time to make an appointment, therefore preferring to have an appt. to fit with your work schedule
  • Pick up the phone – take the step today to improving your life.

I have decades of experience providing telephone counselling both in private practice, NGO and funded support services. Telephone & Skype session payments are via direct bank account deposit 24hrs from time of scheduling your appointment to secure this time.

COMBINATION  Depending on your circumstance and location you may find that a combination of these options (face to face, telephone & skype) suits you best. I have worked with people with varied circumstance; busy mums and dads, carers/support persons, Expats, business travellers, those living rural, remote, interstate and overseas, people with limited available time, as well as those who are temporarily or permanently incapacitated.

What people are saying

Tracy is calm and compassionate.  I was extremely anxious and stressed about speaking to anyone about my problem and it was helpful that Tracy’s counseling is done at such a private and relaxed place.  I did not want to go to a doctors surgery or clinic-like place with signs and everything.  Within a few minutes of Tracy introducing herself and explaining our work together, I felt comfortable and probably ‘hopeful’ for the first time in ages.  I found it helpful and very powerful that Tracy didn’t just work with me around my diagnosis, but got to know me….  actually; probably better explained that she helped ME get to know me!   I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety ages ago and have lived up, or more like ‘lived down’ to the diagnosis and forgot who I was and what I wanted in life. I highly recommend Tracy for her relaxed and calm, but also kindly challenging way of helping.  It helped me!


My husband became ill quite suddenly several years ago and I have been his Carer since this time.  It has been a long, stressful and very lonely time, with many of our friends drifting away, plus my paid job as well as activities I used to enjoy stopped long ago. My health suffered as I was diagnosed with depression that has been debilitating to my family and me.  A friend who had done one of Tracy’s groups suggested I should see her.  So glad I did.  Tracy has a wonderful way of listening and being curious about what other things are happening, also sharing her insights and inviting me to practice the things we do in session.  She is patient and very professional.


I was unhappy at work, but needed the money and my relationship was suffering as well,  and I felt I needed to consider my options.  I was offered counseling through my workplace, but didn’t feel comfortable about sharing my personal stuff there.  I found Tracy’s way of working nothing like the airy-fairy touchy-feely stuff I thought ‘counselling’ would be.  It was great – she used different methods of helping me discuss things and also practiced in session with me, the things that proved to be the catalyst for change in my work and home life.  Stress and anxiety is still felt sometimes, but I have ways of working with it now that I didn’t have before and I can speak out at work and that has been a huge shift for me… and my family actually.



Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Corporate Training
Tracy Mellors
Masters Social Work (PQ)
BASocSci (Counselling) DipHypnosis

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